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The Realms of Fiction website promotes writers and the craft of fiction writing.  We are open to most short story and novel fiction genres.  We do not support poetry as a primary writing genre or pornography.  This site provides an informational web presence for the Realms of Fiction Writers' Group.  The Writers' Group was named after this site and has the same mission as the website.  Our talented group of writers usually meet on the second Monday of the month at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Metairie, Louisiana and the fourth Monday of the month at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Harvey, Louisiana on the Westbank Expressway.


E-mail RandyRoussell@gmail.com before attending a meeting and put the words REALMS MEETING in caps on the subject line of your e-mail message.


Visitors must bring three copies of a short story or chapter (limited to five pages) for evaluation.  To become a member, a visitor must attend four consecutive meetings and receive a positive review on their writing sample.


New associate members that miss four meetings during their initial six month probationary period may not return to the group as a member.  We do this in an attempt to protect the intellectual property of our writers from individuals that take our writing submissions with the intent of never returning to our meetings.  After six months, associates in good standing are eligible for regular member status.


The Realms of Fiction Writers' Group was formed in August 2003.  We are a productive group of writers that take our craft seriously.  The group offers critiquing, motivational and positive support to members.


We welcome literary agents, publishers or published authors that would like to make a pro bono presentation to our group.  To make arrangements with us, please send an e-mail to: RandyRoussell@gmail.com.




Reserved Space


Come and visit with the Realms of Fiction Writers' Group!


After your visit and if we invite you to join, there are no dues.


Membership is free and we do not require that you join a

national writers' group in order to benefit as a member.


Our requirements are that you attend our meetings on a reasonable basis,

and that you are an active committed participant.


We do not want members that are spectators, unproductive or writer "groupies".


But . . .

Being in a writers' group can wear members down over time.  The work can be difficult and tiring,

especially when you have family responsibilities and are holding down a job.  We recognize this

and suggest that sometimes a sabbatical from Realms of Fiction for an indefinite period is

necessary to recharge a member's "writing batteries".  This option is available to members

that have been with our group on a consistent basis for at least one year.



Writing courses are sometimes

offered by the following

organizations in the

New Orleans Metro area:


Tulane University


University of New Orleans


Jefferson Parish Department

of Parks and Recreation

Great Books and Stories!
The Kraken Slayer
written by local author Damon Stentz

Amy Signs
Amy Signs
written by Rebecca Willman Gernon and Amy Willman

Hurricane Boy
Hurricane Boy
written by local author Laura Dragon
Watch Laura's book trailer
YouTube.  Click here.
Order a copy of the book from
Barnes & Noble

A Shotgun Blast to the Side of a Barn
A Shotgun Blast to the Side of a Barn
The first published book by the
Realms of Fiction Writers' Group.
An anthology of stories by our authors.

New Orleans by New Orleans
New Orleans by New Orleans
includes stories and/or poetry by four
Realms of Fiction Writers' Group authors:
Raymond A. Russell, II
Paul Watson (writing as Paul Sundeson)
Mary Faucheux

Randall P. Roussell


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Members Domain


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Life creates fiction.

Fiction creates life.

Fiction comes from


Non-fiction comes from


In the human world of


ideas are fiction until


become non-fiction.

Therefore, we are all

players within the

Universe's many


Realms of Fiction.


Fight Illiteracy In Louisiana.

Promote Reading & Writing.

Our Primary Meeting Place

Barnes and Noble Metairie Bookstore

Please visit this retailer for your

book, music or video purchases.

Barnes and Noble

3721 Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Metairie, LA  70002

( 504 )  455-4929

Hand in Hand
Poetry by Russell MacClaren
Click here or the image to order.

Elvis Presley & Celine Dion
If I Can Dream

Innovative writers producing great stories !

Barnes and Noble Booksellers of Metairie, Louisiana

is the official meeting host for the

Realms of Fiction Writer's Group.


Thank you Barnes and Noble, for providing

our meeting space and supporting our writers.


The Realms of Fiction Writers' Group

urges visitors to this website to support

Barnes & Noble

by purchasing your Books, Music, Video

and other selections at the Metairie, Louisiana store or via the Web.


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