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Critiquing Guidelines


  1. Submissions are presented, critiqued, and returned to the author at Realms meetings.

  2. Safeguard the written materials of fellow members.

  3. Submitted stories are normally read between Realms meetings by REGULAR members.

  4. After having read an author's submitted prose outside of a Realms meeting, the reader will provide a critique to the author in the presence of peer members during the next Realms meeting.  The critiquer will provide positive, honest criticism to the author in a concise manner.  The critiquer will return the manuscript to the author at this time with any written comments.

  5. The author will listen to the critique of each member, sucking up all criticism.  After all critiques have been completed, the author will be allowed to make comments and enter into a brief discussion with their peers.

  6. The moderator will keep the author listening instead of reacting, help the critiquers to stay focused on their task, and to maintain the flow of the entire process.

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