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Submission Guidelines

{ This format does not necessarily follow a PUBLISHER'S submission guidelines. }


  1. Paper submissions are required for routine critiquing activities.

  2. For tight deadlines, such as with a publisher, electronic files may be exchanged with members to expedite the refinement process of a manuscript.  This is not our normal critiquing procedure and will only be used when absolutely necessary.

  3. Your manuscript will be single-sided printed.

  4. Paper conservation is encouraged, thus submitting stories on "used" paper is acceptable.

  5. Font:  Courier New, Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Lucida Sans Typewriter,  and Andale Mono are acceptable.

  6. Font Size:  12

  7. Line Spacing:  1.5 or 2

  8. Bold or non-bold font is OK.

  9. All Margins:  At least 1 inch.

  10. Indents are 1/2 inch or 5 character spaces.  Manuscripts without proper paragraph indentations will be rejected without being read.

  11. As a minimum, the first page of an author's submission must have the title and author's name.  All pages must be numbered.

  12. Submissions will be scheduled for future critiquing.

  13. If chapters of a book or parts of a story are submitted over a period of time, the author may want to consider providing a summary of previous submissions as an aid to the person doing the critique.  The summary is not required, but it may enhance the critiquing process.  Fragmented short story or chapter submissions must have a cover page clearly identifying the piece to be critiqued.

  14. Graphics and other pertinent informational aids are OK.

  15. Submissions that have portions hand written will be rejected.

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